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Autonomy and freedom

The gallery of the Scarf is available on the rent (from 450€ / week). The periods of rent are limited to allow an alternation with the exhibitions assured directly by Concept Gallery (voir le calendrier en ligne).

Attention: the rent of the gallery is possible only after acceptance of your request by Concept Gallery. Indeed, Concept Gallery selects the artists according to its Ethical charter and quality : a complete file of presentation of your work Has to accompany any request of rent.

If your file of presentation is accepted, you will receive an email of confirmation of acceptance accompanied with a copy of the rental agreement for the period of wanted rent. The duly completed contract must have returned to Concept Gallery accompanied with the total payment of the rents. Once these assured steps, the Gallery of the Scarf will definitively be reserved for your name.

If your file is refused, we make a commitment to explain the reasons of this refusal. It will be possible to you then, if necessary, to reconstitute a file of presentation of your work by taking into account our returns.

For any additional question relative to the rent of the gallery,

Contact us.


Gallery of the Scarf - from 450€ / week

The Gallery of the Scarf is a space splendidly restored, situated in an eighteenth building right in the heart of the historic center of Toulouse between School of Fine Arts and the hotel of Assezat

Floor surface: ~ 70 square meters

Wall exhibition space: 100 square meters

Height of ceiling: ~4m50

Number of rooms: 2-See the plan

Duration of minimal rent: 1 week

Miscellaneous :

  • Secured shop windows (up to 30 square meters of additional surface): free
  • Assistant to the installation: free

Pice lists :

  • Rent of the gallery 1 week: 550€ / week
  • Rent of the gallery 2 consecutive weeks: 500€ / week
  • Rent of the gallery 3 consecutive weeks: 450€ / week

Comments: a mixed exhibition painting sculpture is ideal considering the volume of the place.

Sharing of the rent of the gallery : See the requests formulated by the artists.

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